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 Rocketech fastpitch bats are the best

For years the Anderson Rocketech fastpitch bats have been the leader in big power at the plate and 2013 is business as usual. A bit heavy with an end-load, the Rocketech is best for strong girls how can handle the extra weight. The new 2013 Rocketech fastpitch bat has the same structure as always. The Rocketech is a one piece, dual wall, alloy bat with a minus 9 swing weight. With a slight end load the RTFP is a heavy swing with insane pop on contact. The secret to success for the RTFP its power arch technology. This technology creates small air gaps in between the Rocketech’s two barrel walls that add power through trampoline effect on contact. With a thin grip handle and a perfectly counter weighted handle cap the Rocketech is a Cadillac style power bat that smashes everything in sight. If you want big power every time you make contact than don’t waste your time with anything but the Anderson Rocketech fastpitch bat.

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New fastpitch softball bats 2013

2013 is going crazy with new fastpitch softball bats. Every big hitting bat maker have both old classics and fresh, new bats on the market. Top makers like Louisville Slugger, Easton, Anderson Bat Company, and more have high-tech products ready to rock. For all the best in fastpitch softball bats visit batpros.com today. Also enjoy free ground shipping and a free batpros t shirt with each bat order.

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2013 Rocketech fastpitch bat

2013 Rocketech Fastpitch bat

Once again the 2013 Rocketech fastpitch bat is out and looking great. Nothing has changed with this bat since last year because… why mess with a very good thing? The Rocketech is a one piece alloy bat with a secondary out outer sleeve that wraps around the barrel creating a double wall effect. Tiny spaces left between the two barrel walls work as trampolines for the ball creating added power at the plate. The Rocketech fastpitch bat has a minus nine swing weight and has a slight end loaded feel when swinging. The added weight helps to add speed to your follow through and packs a mean punch. This bat has proven itself year after year for bigger stronger girls to be one of the best heavy power hitting fastpitch softball bats ever made.

2013 Top Fastpitch Softball Bats

In 2013 it’s hard to imagine a company with a better 1-2 punch of fastpitch softball bats than Louisville Slugger with the One X and Xeno fastpitch bats. These two bats are truly state of the art when it comes to technology and performance.

The One X fastpitch bat has a hybrid design with top of the line alloy for the barrel and a league leading stiff composite material for the handle. The contrast between the flexi barrel and stiff handle work to create a snap affect while the swing is in motion. The barrel of the 1X fastpitch bat actually lags behind the handle during the swing and snaps back like a rubber band on contact. The One X has a balanced swing and a drop 10 swing weight. If you are into creating power through a fast swing speed and high end metals than look no further than the all new 2013 Louisville Slugger OneX fastpitch bat.

The slightly heavier sister to the OneX is last year’s most popular fastpitch bat, the Louisville Slugger 2013 Xeno fastpitch bat. The Xeno is a two piece %100 composite bat with a balanced swing feel and a drop 9 swing weight. The Xeno has thinly stretched barrel walls allowing for an extended sweet spot and super live, powerful barrel walls. The Xeno is a proven dominator at the plate and is worth all the positive feedback is got last year.

The Best Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Best Fastpitch Softball Bat

Simply the best… This is how I describe the Anderson Rocketech. For over a decade the Rocketech has been the leader in fastpitch power hitting. Built for girls who can swing an end loaded bat with a heavier than average drop 9 swing weight, the Rocketech fastpitch bat is a true Thor’s hammer of power. The Rocketech has a one piece alloy design with an added alloy sleeve around the barrel making it a double wall. The two barrel walls meet in some areas while leaving air pockets in others. These air pockets create a trampoline like effect on the ball during contact creating longer, harder hit balls. Girls who swing the Rocketech fastpitch bat come back year after year for the new model. These bats are true fan favorites and can’t be replaced by a competitor’s model. The Rocketech is a one of a kind destruction machine at the plate.

For Girls who have trouble with the heavier Rocketech Anderson has a new bat for you, Introducing the all new 2013 Rocketflex fastpitch bat. The Rocketflex has the same explosive double wall barrel as the Rocketech but is a hybrid design featuring a stiff, light composite handle. The Rocketflex has a lesser end load and comes in a lighter drop 10 swing weight. Both bats are available now and are sure to be among the best fastpitch bats of 2013.


Rip IT Prototype Air Fastpitch Softball Bat

Rip IT Prototype Air Fastpitch Softball Bat

Rip It just introduced their first composite fast pitch softball bat since the 2007 yellow Rip It elite that everyone loved. Rip It is so thrilled with this innovative new design that they are offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Let’s take a closer look at this awesome fast pitch  bat.

The 2013 Rip It Prototype Air fast pitch softball bat is a single wall, one-piece, full composite design . The Prototype Air swings very light and has a balance feel and is manufactured in a drop 10 swing-weigth. The bat is so light and easy to swing that Rip It had to call it “Prototype Air”.  The Prototype Air has a nice stiff handle that reduces flex in the neck of the bat and ultimately transfers more energy to the barrel on contact. The Prototype Air boast a large forgiving sweet spot that helps players square up even the most challenging pitches.  The Prototype Air’s handle is wrapped with Rip-It’s signature ridge grip. The Ridge Grip is soft to the touch and helps reduce vibration in hands. Simply put, the Prototype Air fast pitch softball bat is the ultimate composite design for elite softball players. If you don’t love the Prototype Air, send it back within 30 days, no questions asked.

Rip It believes your going to love their bats. They are so confident in the products they produce and the performance they generate that Rip It is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. That’s right, if your not happy with any of Rip Its bats you can return them within thirty days.  Now that standing behind your product. To top if off, Rip It proudly manufactures all of their bats in the USA.

If you want one of the hottest new composite fast pitch softball bats in the industry purchase the 2013 Rip It Prototype Air fast pitch softball bat today. If your not 100% satisfied with they bat you can send it back to Rip It for a full refund. I’m willing to bet your going to LOVE it.

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Fastpitch Softball Bats

Awesome Fastpitch Bats

These days there are no shortage of awesome fastpitch softball bats. All major companies have put out great products for s few years now. At the top of the list this year were 2 awesome bats made from different materials. Let’s take a look at the Anderson Rocketech and the Worth 545 Legit fast pitch bats.

First up is the ever popular Anderson Rocketech fastpitch bat. For over 6 years now the Rocketech has been a fastpitch big hitters go to alloy bat. The Rocketech is a one piece alloy bat with an added outer alloy wall added to the barrel. A slight bit of free space is left between the inner and outer barrel walls to give a nice amount of trampoline effect on contact. The Anderson Rocketech is best for big strong girls as it only comes in – 9 swing weight and is end-loaded. This bat is tested and approved with around 10 years of in game success to back it up. If you are a strong girl with some real swing speed than you cant afford to miss out on the Rocketech byAndersonfastpitch bats.

Next up is the new 545 Legit from Worth softball bats. This %100 composite one piece bat is made inAmericaand ready to make a charge in 2013. With an extended sweet spot on its double wall barrel, these balanced weighted, fast swinging bats looks great at the plate. With 4 swing weights from -8 through -12 the 545 Legit fast pitch bat has a size for everyone. If you like controlled, stiff bats for extra control at the plate check out the Worth 545 Legit.

Fastpitch Softball Bats

Fastpitch softball bats come in many shapes, sizes, colors, desings and models. Every year bat manufactures introduce new and innovative fastpitch softball bats to the market. While many new fastpitch bats are introduced every year Easton, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini and Anderson tend to dominate in sales and performance in the the industry. Lets see what fastpitch bats are on our radar for 2013.

When it comes to high performance softball bats Easton, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini and Anderson Bat Company shine. These bat manufactures release some of the hottest fastpitch softball bats year after year. Top fastpitch models include the Easton Stealth, Louisville Slugger Xeno, DeMarini CF5 and Anderson Rockettech. Let’s take a look at each model.

The Easton Stealth Fastpitch softball bat has been a fixture in many dugouts across the country for years. The Easton Stealth fastpitch softball bat is a two-piece full composite design. The Stealth’s performance and durability has made it one of the best selling fastpitch of all time. The Stealth is traditionally manufactured in two length to weight ratios, -10 and -9. Many top college, high school and travel ball teams swing the Easton Steatlh. The Easton Stealth is an awesome fastpitch softball bat and should continue to shine for years to come.

Louisville Slugger’s Xeno fastpitch softball bat has become very popular recently. Constructed from Louisville Slugger’s unique LS 2X composite this two piece fastpitch bat screams performance. The Xeno was first introduced in 2010 and soon became Louisville Slugger’s most talked about fastpitch softball bat. Louisville Slugger will continue to impress with a brand new Xeno fastpitch bat scheduled to be released in October of this year. Look for the Xeno to be one of the hottest bats of the season in 2013.

DeMarini burst onto the fastpitch softball scene in 2008 with the release of the CF3 softball bat. DeMarini’s two piece full composite design was the latest and greatest the industry had to offer. DeMarini also created a look and feel like no other bat in fastpitch softball. The color scheme and graphics of DeMarini’s entire bat lineup was arguably the best in the business, and the Cf3 was no exception.  DeMarini had a very nice fastpitch softball bat in 2007 called the Phenix, but not until the release of the Cf3 was DeMarini a household name in fastpitch softball. The CF3 was the talk of the industry after a successful debut in the 2008 summer Olympic games in Beijing. Although the USA softball team didn’t win gold, the exposure generated for DeMarini was priceless. Top USA slugger Crystal Bustos crushed some jar dropping hits with the CF3 that inspired many fastpitch softball players across the globe. The success of the Cf3 set the tone for the release of the Cf4 and Cf5 models. DeMarini will continue to be a big part of elite fastpitch softball for years to come. The all new 2013 Cf5 fastpitch softball bat was released in April of this year.

Anderson Bat Company has a very popular fastpitch softball bat they call the Rocktech. The Rocktech is a double wall all alloy design and features Anderson’s patented power-arch technology. The Rocketech was first introduced in 2004 and soon became the hottest bat in the industry. The 2004 Rocketech set the stage for many successful releases of the bat. The Rocktech is still manufactured today and is considered by many as one of the hottest bat in the game.

There are many great fastpitch softball bats to choose from. Some of the hottest and most dependable are the Stealth, Xeno, Cf5 and Rocketech. These fastpitch softball bats deliver for elite players and programs across the country.

2013 Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Bat

Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bats

Louisville Slugger has a long and rich history in baseball and softball bats. For more than 125 years Louisville Slugger has manufactured some of the finest bats in the industry. One of Louisville’s hottest bats in recent years is called the  Xeno. The Xeno fastpitch bat has the softball bat industry buzzing about Louisville Slugger, lets see why?

The 2011 Louisville Slugger Xeno fastpitch softball bat started it all. Louisville Slugger introduced the Xeno’s innovative design to their bat line up and instantly gained a loyal following from the fast pitch community.  The Xeno was designed and engineered to compete with the high end high performance fastpitch softball bats from leading bat manufactures such as Easton and DeMarini. With the introduction of the Xeno, Louisville Slugger entered the highly competitive two piece full composite fastpitch softball bat game. Many fastpitch softball players feel that two piece full composite softball bats yield the highest performance in the industry. Two piece full composite designs also offer players a larger sweet spot and a more forgiving barrel than traditional alloy or hybrid designs. Thus, having a great two piece full composite design has a ton of value for a bat manufacture like Louisville Slugger.

Louisville Slugger’s Xeno fast pitch softball bat’s unique design make it one of the hottest in the industry.  The Xeno’s LS 2x composite matrix and S1 ID technology give the Xeno it’s superior performance, durability and sound. Louisville’s unique LS 2X composite is manufactured  to optimize performance and durability in the bat’s sweet spot without jeopardizing durability. The Xeno’s LS 2X’s durability allows Louisville Slugger to elongate  the bats’ s barrel for maximum spring, flex and performance. The Xeno’s S1 ID technology is designed for no break in period. Until recently most composite bats had a break-in period which was required to reach maximum performance. Louisville incorporated the S1 ID technology to push the envelope for performance and to create a bat that is hot out of the wrapper. This technology also gives the Xeno a unique sound during the bat and ball collision.  You have to hear the Xeno on the ball field , it just sounds different! All of these great features make the Xeno one of the hottest bats on the market today. The Xeno is offered in three length to weight ratios, lets have a closer look.

The Xeno’s two-piece full composite construction is manufactured in three of the most popular  length to weight ratios in fastpitch softball -10, -9 and -8. The minus 10 will swing and feel the lightest and most balance. While the -9 and -8 will have an end-loaded feel. The majority of fastpitch softball players prefer the minus 10 over the heavier -9 and -8 models. The minus 10 will also have more lengths to choose from  with the shortest bat available in 30″ and the longest in a 34″. The minus 8 and 9 length to weight options are only available in 33″and 34″ lengths only. Generally speaking bigger and stronger players will swing the -8 and -9 therefore, they are only available in longer lengths. Regardless of the length to weight ratio you pick, the Xeno performs.

Although not available to the public yet, the 2013 Xeno debuted at this year’s College Word Series. It’s become very popular for bat manufactured to tease the release of their more popular models through some of their sponsored elite college baseball and softball programs. The highly anticipated 2013 Xeno fastpitch bat will be available for the public in October, just before the Xmas consumer buying season.

If you want to take your game to the next level, the Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch softball bat may be for you.  Your number one source for 2013 Louisville Slugger Xenos is Bat Pros in California. For more information about the Xeno visit Bat Pros today!